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Snowshoeing at Mount Rose

The cross country skiing and snow shoeing in winter along the ridges at Mount Rose is just beautiful. Sandy and I went snowshoeing there recently. The above photo and the photos below capture the raw beauty of Lake Tahoe as seen from Mount Rose in winter. Cross country skiing and snow shoeing along the ridges is very moderate in ability and slope.


To access the ridges take Mount Rose highway, route 431, which starts between Kings Beach and Incline Village along route 28 at North Lake Tahoe. You head north towards the top of Mount Rose highway. Your car quickly climbs to the lookout where there is a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Tahoe (as shown in the third photo for this article). Drive almost to the top of Mount Rose where the highway flattens out. To the right there is a snowy meadow with woods to the right of the meadow. Park on the right side of the road. There is parking on both sides of the road, which tends to fill up after about 11am on weekends. Parking is prohibited during snow storms because the snowplows are clearing the highway.


On snow shoes, skis, or just your hiking boots if the snow is frozen, follow any of the unmarked trails that go east through the woods. After heading east about a mile through the woods there is a moderate slope up to the first ridge with a beautiful overview of Lake Tahoe. This is a great place to stop and enjoy the lunch you packed. If it is not crowded there are tree stumps you can sit on.


From the first ridge, head upwards to the left (north). There are plenty of great views. After about 2 miles of a moderate uphill climb you reach the base of Slide Mountain, where there is a saddle that overlooks the Carson Valley.


Although the unmarked trails are relatively easy to figure out and there are usually numerous people to assist with directions, every few years a few people get lost, typically in white out snowstorms. So, carry a compass if you are not familiar with the area. If you get lost just head due east and you have to run into Mount Rose highway which runs north to south. Then walk back to your car.

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Sun shimmering off of Lake Tahoe

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Parking at top of Mount Rose highway

East shore of Lake Tahoe as seen from the ridges.

Panoramic view of Lake Tahoe from first lookout on highway.

East shore of Lake Tahoe enveloped in fog.

Northwest shore of Lake Tahoe with peaks shrouded in fog.

Mountain tops rise out of the fog that covers Lake Tahoe.

Northwest shore of Lake Tahoe with Crystal Bay in foreground.

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